Why The First Nigerian Coup Unsuccessful

Of course, a Nigerian abhors death since our social alignment presents demise as a defeat of destinies. If your Nigerian dies at significantly less than 70 years of age, it's a household and communal tragedy. Young deaths are believed to be premature and hence a stigma that could influence the position of such a household as other people eliminates any relational conversation with usually the one who loses its people untimely.The Nigerian naturally doesn't commit suicide. Suicidal traits are immediately concluded to be demonic or extraterrestrial influences on such persons. Suicide is not really a psychological difference to the Nigerian society. It is just a satanic oppression which is dealt with by wishes and other spiritual antidotes.

Depression is not really a intellectual state in the Nigerian context. It is really a spiritual strike that just God can overcome; maybe not anti-depressants. A Nigerian who efforts or commits suicide stigmatizes his household and years for life. Nigerians don't marry into a household with a suicide or psychological despair event as it is believed that the inclination might be hereditary.

That's why, as the world attempts to unravel the Farouk Abdulmutallab trend, it'd excel to search for his motive in the rest but his Nigerian lineage. It really did not result from there since it generally does not occur there.It might also be an error to page the Nigerian along enemy variables as it would be a sad waste of time and assets while the Nigerian lacks the ethical fibre to carry ideological or spiritual beliefs at the expense of hi  Nigeria News s life.Simply set, the Nigerian could cause others damage as long as it does not influence himself or his family but to inflatable an airplane with him as among the subjects is not at all Nigerian.

The Nigerian's aggression just moves so far as his living is not threatened. The moment any opposition or activity becomes life threatening, the Nigerian backs off and likes to live with the injustice than lose his life.This is what's responsible for the extended oppression of the masses by the political class. The politicians know that trait and capitalize about it to keep waiting on hold to power in crime, election rigging and poor governance. If the Nigerian valued life a little less, why not a experienced weight might have rid people of the constant politicians whose primary aim is always to loot the treasury.But the Nigerian's passion for living is becoming his tripping block for development as he would prefer to live in oppression than die for principle.

That's why Farouk Abdulmutallab might be Nigerian by delivery but not at all Nigerian by orientation.The Nigerian culture has high social and public collateral. In Nigeria, number person is definitely an island. It is totally essential to the Nigerian that he be accepted within his social circle. It is this need for popularity that's the main motivation for scams and criminal activities. The influence of expert position is extremely major on the common Nigerian mind. If a peer is affluent, there is unspoken stress on his contemporaries to rise to the challenge; therefore the development to cheat, steal or fraud to gain social position and acceptance.

The Nigerian nature is one of resilience not revolution. The Nigerian nature is self preservation and maybe not sacrificial. It's the trait that condemns us to your provide state of underdevelopment notwithstanding ample resources. Nigerians don't compromise such a thing for a typical great or aim, especially maybe not our lives. Number Nigerian operates towards death in ideological oblivion. It is perhaps not within our character.The normal emergence of supposed'specialists'on the global scene declaring to comprehend and profile the Nigerian because of Abdulmutallab's horrible attempt at terrorism can mislead the entire world into pursuing shadows like Bush misled Americans to pursuit non-existent tools of mass destruction in Iraq. Looking for an Al-Qaeda foundation in Nigeria is going to be an exercise in futility while the social atmosphere is too hostile with their ideological motivation.


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