Discovering Infidelity - One Woman's Story

The day I discovered my husband was cheating on me is forever etched within my mind. I'll remember my bewilderment, shock, distress and my uncertainty about what direction to go next. I was absolutely devastated.

How I Discovered Out

As a freelance journalist and manager, I function from my home office. I inadvertently stumbled onto Frank's infidelity while doing interviews for a write-up assignment for a women's magazine. To guarantee the accuracy of my notes, I usually recording my interviews utilizing a recording unit attached to my company phone. While transcribing the interview videos, I was detective madrid to get that I'd unknowingly recorded several incriminating telephone calls produced by Frank from our bedroom extension. Spaced between the interviews, were exposing conversations he'd had with or just around the ladies with whom he was involved.

A Perfect Union

That Frank could be cheating on me was the farthest point from my brain, although his conduct had been a little strange recent months. When infidelity did cross my mind, it was just a fleeting thought -- one I ignored as rapidly as it occurred. It had been so far-fetched that I didn't actually provide it significant consideration. Joe and I'd an exceptionally good union (or so I thought). Individuals who realized people -- even guests, (male and female) often mentioned on exactly what a "great couple" we were. I wrote connection posts which appeared regularly in women's publications and acquired me repeated visitor spots on Excellent Day New York and several nationally syndicated radio talk shows. Our relationship (my 2nd and Frank's third) was the jealousy of all our friends. Still, I was at a loss to explain some of the strange little things Frank had lately said and done. Nothing important -- only small unimportant issues that were out of identity for him and did not appear to produce any sense. I chalked it up to guy menopause (Frank was approaching 50) or stress from the large overtime he'd been working. Little did I understand these apparently inconsequential points could turnout to be telltale signs.

Right Under My Really Nose

From the talks on the tapes, I unearthed that Frank had not one, but three lovers. I was dumb-founded to hear him boasting to a buddy about his weekend day "quickies" with Alexis, his early departures from benefit evening trysts with Michelle, Marlene's weekend stay at our residence while I was away on a business trip and more. Even more amazing, was that most these exact things had taken place correct under my really nose. In mild of my finding, I today saw Frank's conduct through different eyes. And I turned very alert to how many telltale signals I'd missed. Many of the odd things Joe claimed and did instantly began to produce sense.


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