Free Online Newspapers - How to Publish Your Own

Curated Content at Its Best! 
The cool thing is, this uses curated content from different social media accounts that you have setup inside of So I've my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts activated, and it curates All Pakistani Urdu Newspapers  from your Twitter followers into your newspaper.

The same as some other newspaper, it's sections in Technology, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Leisure, Videos, etc. When it curates the content, it automatically locations that content in the right section.

All of us understand how important Twitter is to your business. takes benefit of the links that you and your followers, and people you follow, share on Twitter, and shares it in the format of an expert Daily Newspaper!

Sharing Your Newspaper 
Once you share your newspaper on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc., you're not only sharing your personal content, but you're sharing the content of your social media associations too!

When they see their content being shared, they're likely to talk about your content back!

Issuing Your Daily News Throughout the Day 
With the free version of you are able to update your paper up to 3 times a day. will automatically pull new curated content into your paper so it's fresh, not only each day, but through the day.

It's like have a Morning Edition, Afternoon Edition and Evening Edition of your paper.

Link "Juice" for Your Blog 
Obviously, sharing content throughout the'Net adds some link juice to your blog, but most importantly, it also helps earn you some recognition from other online marketers, a few of whom might be buying a new business opportunity.

Adding a Widget to Your Blog even offers a code you are able to copy and paste into a widget on your blog or anywhere on your site. This really adds 


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