Star Charts and Star Maps

Star graphs and star maps are utilized by astronomers and other sky watchers to recognize constellations, individual stars and objects of interest such as galaxies in the sky.

Many people first become enthusiastic about astronomy due to their question and wonder at the spectacle of the custom star map  on a black, distinct night. Just like the historical people in the time before telescopes, they first understand nude vision sky watching by pinpointing constellations - groups of stars which resemble the design of animals, individuals, mythical figures, or other objects.This is wherever star graphs become of good use: they help in understanding the names and forms of the constellations which are visible to you, and the way the constellations which are obvious vary from month to month.

The general hemisphere star graphs will even typically display the ecliptic, the road of sunlight through the atmosphere, and where planets will be spotted.The personal constellation star graphs will also display the arbitrary lines which join the stars in a constellation, showing the form it represents. Whole some constellations such as for example Scorpio or Libra or Crux have a light similarity to the object the title suggests (in these instances, a scorpion, a set of machines and a cross) others genuinely have little connection.

The person graphs will even identify the person stars within the constellations, by name.While the brighter stars have common names, several stars will simply be identified by their abbreviated constellation title and Greek letter. Generally on the maps the smartest star is given the first Greek letter, alpha. Like, the best celebrity in the constellation Taurus, the Bull, is called Aldebaran, or Alpha Tauri. The second smartest celebrity is Beta Tauri and therefore on. On star graphs the Greek page alone can often be used to identify the star, within the constellation lines.


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