Video Servers Or Video Encoders - Overview

As is mentioned in Release on Virtual Number, Flash Video Host is a C/S centered video streaming platform. Client-side designers can produce consoles for video enjoying, video submit, and stay video delivering. This tutorial is to share with you how to produce a FLV Participant for Flash Video Server. Tools: Macromedia Thumb 8, Flash Video Server. Records: Viewers who approach to follow that manual will be with some standard familiarity with applying Thumb 8 and Action Script. Productivity: The image below reveals the result Participant for Flash Movie Server. End users may enter the desired URL, their individual title, code, audio video receiver enjoy the FLV on the Server.

Let's see what we have on the Player. We need a place for movie streaming, some text boxes for inserting data, and some links to manage the video. After the licensed end individual entered the right URL, individual title, and code, and press Perform, the video will quickly enjoy in the movie screen. Click End, the movie can end at the beginning.

1. Release Macromedia Flash 8 and create a new Flash document.

2. Structure

And then we can make and position the relative articles with this Thumb document. Video monitor: Push Ctrl+L, the Selection screen may place up. Right click in the bare of Name & Type part and pick "New Video... ".Title it in Symbol box and select Video (ActionScript-controlled). Press OK to confirm.

Pull it to the Thumb record and you are able to alter the measurement and position. You are able to click it and set their Attributes by increasing the menu at bottom. Here we collection the Thickness as 400 and Height as 300. You then should name this movie screen in "Instance Title" package as noted in the aforementioned picture. Here we name it as "video_screen ".

By clicking the clear area on the report and expand Homes, you are able to collection how big the Thumb document. Here we press the red-marked key and collection the dimension as 400*400 pixels. Text objects By pressing the "A" key on Resources screen, we can put text on the document. Only move an area and insert "URL:", and then, choose Window/ Common Libraries/ Learning Interactions.


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